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Your personal Howco car wash consultant will help clarify and streamline the entire process; from the initial planning of the site to project management, financial planning, car wash equipment decisions, and daily operational prowess. Your Howco consultant will provide you with a fundamental understanding of the steps that ensure a successful and profitable operation. Be assured, you will be walking in the steps of many successful car wash operators.

We will assist and guide you in obtaining fundamental information and making core decisions such as:

  • Choosing the car wash model you wish to operate, whether full-service, flex-service, express exterior, in-bay automatic, or self-service.
  • Adding additional profit centers such as detailing, quick lube, or impulse lobby products.
  • Evaluating market identification to determine how your car wash model will be received in the targeted area, including demographic evaluation of population density living within driving distance of the location. Howco uses professional census reporting to study the area effectively.
  • Performing site analysis and selection, including feasibility evaluation, traffic and demographic analysis, landlord/ developer relations, easements and restrictions, and zoning compliance. Site selection is one of the most important aspects of car wash business success.
  • Car wash equipment selection to fit your property, building and budget.
  • Facilitating financial and business plan development that provides insight into and assistance with the process of successfully obtaining financing for your car wash business, including typical lending requirements; cost projections; underwriting requirements for land, building, equipment, and/or business acquisition; necessary preparations for talking with your lender; and actually meeting with you and your lender to explain our projections.

Financial & Business Plan

Most financial institutions will require information to process your request for funding. We suggest a face-to-face meeting with your banker to discuss your project in general terms. Afterward, be prepared to provide the following documentation in order for the lender to underwrite the potential transaction. Delays in preparing and providing these documents will slow almost any decision by the lender.

Provide a description of your car wash project.

Create a car wash business plan, including Year 1 monthly budgets, income and expense projections, initial capital expenditures, and a three-year financial pro format.

Attach a preliminary site layout, demographics, and site analysis. These can be provided by your Howco representative.

Provide literature on the car wash equipment to be utilized, photographs of similar car wash sites, and any information to give your lender a visual idea of the car wash project.

Provide a resume of the proposed owners.

Share personal financial statements of prospective owners and developers.

Regarding financial statements, make sure to include verification of liquidity of cash, any marketable securities, and other liquid assets that may be used for the initial equity and residual liquidity.

Provide copies of the last three years' personal tax returns of the prospective borrowers.

Lenders are looking for acceptable credit history with no derogatory credit reports within the last seven years. If any exist, provide a written explanation of the circumstances and why they won't reoccur.

Lenders want to know your business experience. Be sure to describe how Howco will support you with a startup operational training program, ongoing service and technical advice, and quality products for your operation.

The above illustrates some general anticipated credit underwriting requirements based on the current credit environment. Howco does not directly provide or extend credit, nor can we address the likelihood of any borrower to receive adequate financing. If you desire, we may be able to provide names and contact information of lenders in your area.

Key Areas of Support Include: 

  • Business Plan Development 
  • Financial Modeling 
  • Market Identification 
  • Site Selection 
  • Demographic Analysis 
  • Traffic Flow Evaluations 
  • Architecture, Signage, and Space Studies 
  • Easements and Permitting 
  • Restrictions and Zoning Compliance 
  • Assistance with Landlord/ 
  • Developer Relations 
  • Choice of Car Wash Operation 
  • Full-Service 
  • Flex 
  • Express 
  • In-Bay Automatic 
  • Self-Service 
  • Other


Our selected equipment manufacturers and suppliers have a rich and proven history of innovation and benchmarking for today's highest wash standards. Quality car wash equipment in combination with appropriate chemical solutions is crucial to ongoing wash efficiency and profitability.

AUTEC Car Wash Systems' foundation of unprecedented wash quality, long-term durability, trouble-free operation, and profitability for car wash owners continues to keep it at the forefront of the car wash industry. AUTEC incorporates that experience into three categories of car wash systems: soft touch, touch free, and a combination system that features the best of both technologies.
With a 50-year legacy as leaders in car wash technology and innovation for tunnel, self-service, and automatic equipment, Coleman Hanna Car Wash Systems continues to provide customers quality car wash equipment and parts that are well engineered, built with integrity, and delivered on time, with quality service and support.

Washworld began in 1998 as a manufacturer of parts for aftermarket use in company-owned car wash sites and soon began to rebuild entire machines. As the company's reputation for quality parts and equipment and out-standing customer service grew, so did the demand for the Washworld's products. Today Washworld manufactures wash systems, drying systems, and equipment extras including Razor®, Revv® and High Velocity®, Touch Free Vehicle Wash System, and Radiantz® Soft Cloth Wash System. All feature cutting edge technology such as VS2®, Virtual Attendant®, Washview Remote™ and Washview Mobile™. Washworld provides these innovations for the benefit of customers in ease of operation and increased profits with Washworld equipment.


Once Howco has been chosen as your car wash distributor, the process of managing your project has already begun. As you near the Construction Phase, Howco will serve as your Project Management partner. We will supply consultative analyses, offer engineering support, and provide budgetary oversight on every step of the project. Our goal will be to assist you and your contractors in delivering the project on time and on budget. Your Howco consultant and project manager will focus on the following areas to ensure your car wash project is completed in an efficient manner:

- Preliminary site layout, including car wash flow and building placement 

The preliminary layout takes into consideration the building size, turning radius, stacking room, site access, employee and customer parking, and signage placement to determine the most logical configuration for maximum ease of operation and positive customer experience.

- Car wash building layout and design, including site-specific equipment requirements

Working closely with your architect, Howco will verify electrical, plumbing, and mechanical requirements for your car wash equipment and ensure they are accurately presented in the details of your plan. These details, along with information about zoning and permitting, power usage, water usage, reclaim, chemicals, and building materials, will help the architect develop a preliminary sketch of your car wash site.

- Architectural, Engineering, and Contractor liaison throughout the build

Once the drawings are completed by your engineers, Howco will review the plans and ensure the details of your plan are implemented, conducting regular job site meetings and consultations with contractors and sub-contractors to inspect and verify stub-up installations. 

- Car wash equipment placement and installation 

Based on the size of your building and budget, Howco will design a car wash equipment package to fit your individual location and car wash model. In addition, Howco will handle vendor coordination to ensure equipment is ordered, shipped, and installed in a timely manner.

- Project timeline management and equipment delivery schedules

Our goal is to work closely with the subcontractors, manage a efficient project timeline, and help streamline the project flow to getting the car wash open.

Key Areas of Support Include: 

  • Architect, Engineer, and Contractor Selection 
  • Site Layout and Commercial Flow 
  • Structure Placement and Floor Planning 
  • Equipment Specification and Installation Layout 
  • Custom Design and Fabrication Installation 
  • Vehicle “Stacking” and Parking Requirements 
  • Utility Requirements 
  • Management Services 
  • Project Leadership 
  • Budget Oversight 
  • Timeline Management


Along with the best location and finest facilities, car wash profitability relies upon continuous operational excellence. We offer a comprehensive range of solutions to help operators achieve the highest levels of efficiency including: Operator and Key Staff Training, Service and Preventive Maintenance, Parts and Supplies, Chemicals, and Marketing and Branding. With nearly 45 years of experience, Howco wants to be your partner for the long-term.

Key Areas of Support Include: 


  • Operator/Owner 
  • Managers and Key Staff 
  • Maintenance Team 

Marketing and Branding 

  • Signage 
  • Promotions 
  • Pricing 


  • Chemicals 
  • On-Line 
  • Off-Line 
  • Supplies 

Field Service 

  • Extended Warranties 
  • Preventive Maintenance 
  • On-Call or Emergency Service



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