The case for Howco is a simple one.  We want to be your partner in profitability today, tomorrow, and ten years from now.  Whether we assist you in sprucing-up your existing wash or help you prepare for the investment of a lifetime, it is important to Howco for you to be profitable.  


We build a lot of second washes.  Customers who are profitable and have enjoyed the investment process with Howco invariably turn to Howco again when it is time to build a second car wash.  Because of our “ease of doing business,” we build a lot of second car washes for investors who did not choose Howco for their first wash.  When the time comes to build a second wash, these customers select Howco because of our “ease of doing business,” our manufacturers, and our proven “Plan, Build, Operate” process. 


Howco is one of the largest car wash equipment and chemical distributors on the East Coast.  With over 20 technicians and sales people in every corner of our territory, we are quick to respond to the needs of our customers.  Active in the ICA, SECWA, NRCC, and even the N1 Buying Group, Howco is connected with the latest and greatest trends in the car washing industry.  Technology, training, sales programs, marketing, parts availability…whatever your need, call Howco 800-633-3914.