Heavy Duty Alkaline Presoak (55g)

Armor All heavy duty presoak 55g non-fuming high-foaming low pH detergent used in tunnels and self-service car wash facilities. Penetrates and removes hard water scale alkaline detergent residues and dirt and light rust from car wash equipment while renewing original brightness on stainless steel aluminum and galvanized surfaces. Contains biodegradable detergents and wetting agents. high-foaming conditioners (blue gold pink and cherry red) formulated for use in all types of car wash facilities. Formulated to produce copious foam that has a brilliant pink blue and gold color at dilutions up to 1:500. Free-rinsing foam dissipates quickly rinsing freely leaving no foamy residue. Formulated to enhance the drying process by preparing vehicle surface for application of drying agent. Produces an exceptional shine on all vehicle surfaces while applying ultraviolet sun block to help protect clear coat layer from harmful ultraviolet rays. Concentrated formulation may be used at dilutions up to 1:500.
Please contact the Howco Sales Department to purchase. We can advise you on the best products and equipment for your specific car wash needs.

A heavy duty medium foaming liquid detergent used in tunnel and in-bay frictionless automatic car wash facilities. Medium "wet" foam allows for complete coverage and excellent clinging of product to vehicle surface. Powerful formulation penetrates and loosens road soil and bug residues without scrubbing. Rinses freely and completely to help prevent streaking.

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