High foaming liquid shampoo for use in foam brush application of self serve car wash facilities. Brilliant colored foam covers vehicle surface producing enhanced visual appeal. Powerful formulation penetrates and loosens road soil while providing lubricity for self serve brush applications. Concentrated formulation may be used at dilutions up to 1:500. Rinses freely and completely to help prevent streaking. Fortified with water softening ingredients for use in hard water applications. acrylic and enamel finishes. Quick and easy application produces increased revenue and profits. Apply using trigger or pressurized sprayer. Blend of carnauba wax silicones and ultraviolet sun blockers help to provide maximum protection to vehicle finishes. Non-abrasive formula will not scratch clear coat finishes. Will not dust when wiped or buffed off vehicle finishes. Will not separate in container requiring shaking before each use.
Manufacturer: Armor All
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