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The proven oil-free hydraulic fluid for car wash hydraulic systems Non-Toxic Easy To Clean Compatible with Water Reclaim Systems Operates in Hot and Cold Weather The AQUABLUE formula is based on the water based oil-free hyrdraulic fluid used exclusively by the U.S. Navy on all it's aircraft carriers and other vessels where oil contamination can not be tolerated. Aqua Blue is a specialty fluid for car wash hydraulic systems now used in over 2000 car washes in the U.S. Hydraulic fluid leaks and line breaks can cause significant hours or days of maintenance repair and clean up and costly revenue loss. Where as Aqua Blue leaks can be quickly fixed and flushed to sewer minimizing downtime. Save yourself from these headaches with Aqua Blue today! AQUABLUE disperses in water, rinses away, leaving wash material, equipment, reclaim reservoir and cars clean and oil-free, thus eliminating forever the costly down-time for clean-ups after leaks.

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