Allura™ Super Cut Compound (1 QT)

Allura Super Cut Compound features a heavy initial cut while producing a high gloss finish. swirl marks and other lights defects after compounding in one easy step.
Manufacturer: BAF/PRO®
Please contact the Howco Sales Department to purchase. We can advise you on the best products and equipment for your specific car wash needs.

This aggressive, fast cutting compound is designed to remove 1000-1200 grit sand scratches, heavy oxidation, orange peel, water spots and other major paint defects from all types of OEM and refinish paints. Single, large particle abrasive system buffs quickly, leaving a clean, smooth surface ready for polishing. Light purple in color with grape fragrance. For machine use only. BODY SHOP SAFE. CONTAINS NO SILICONE OR WAX. VOC COMPLIANT.

• Use a high speed buffer with a VC-80-C PRO® Wool Cutting Pad or VF-85-C PRO® Eliminator™ Yellow Foam Heavy Cut Compound Pad

• Follow with P-7-Q Allura™ Medium Cut Compound or P-8-Q Allura™ Finish Glaze depending on the finish.

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