WashWorld Profile

Soft Touch Car Wash Equipment

The Profile is a stainless steel soft touch car wash system that combines Washworld's advanced technology used in our touch-free systems with the latest in washing materials. We are continually striving to provide technologies that improve the efficiency and quality of our wash systems while keeping them simple to operate and maintain. 

Best of all...Profile’s innovative wash media gives your customers optimal, customized cleaning!




WashWorld Razor

Touch Free Car Wash Equipment

The Washworld Razor is an innovative, touch-free, in-bay automatic car wash that continues to transform touch-free car washing. Razor earns its reputation as one of the hardest working machines on the market. Built to last, Razor's corrosion resistant stainless steel construction can withstand nearly any condition in any climate - resulting in fewer maintenance calls and longer up-time. The Razor combines the mark of quality, the feature-rich experience, and the reputation for excellence that Washworld is known for around the world.



Autec 220

Soft Touch Car Wash Equipment

Unprecedented wash quality; profitable, trouble-free operation; and longterm efficiency and durability are attributes of all AUTEC systems. We ensure these high performance levels by utilizing carefully monitored production controls and by the use of superior quality components: Soft cloth or polyflex for safe, thorough cleaning; simple, yet durable, hydraulic operation for the most gentle vehicle surface massage; reliable, selfdiagnostic, software-driven controls; all stainless-steel construction, for optimum structural integrity, and dependable, wet-environment operation.


Coleman Hanna eFusion

The eFusion is the customer’s choice soft touch wash system. It is designed to effectively clean a vehicle using our unique SparkleSoft wash material. The eFusion is programmable to fit your wash needs.
Every unit is equipped with 3 SparkleSoft brushes, Foaming Prewash, Entrance Signs, Web Enabled Computer Monitoring and all stainless steel construction. This high quality unit with low maintenance makes an excellent choice for any in bay automatic location!

Coleman Hanna Water Wizard

The Water Wizard 2.0 is the premier touch-free in bay automatic system. The specially designed wash boom with high impact zero degree oscillating nozzles will rotate and attack the dirt on the front and rear of the vehicle. Packed with customer demanded features such as the Undercarriage Wash, Rocker Panel Sprayers, additional bug wash pass, and optional on-board blowers makes the Water Wizard 2.0 the perfect choice for any location!



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