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Begin planning your project by meeting with your personal Howco car wash consultant, who will clarify and streamline the entire process, from the initial planning of the site to project management, financial planning, and car wash equipment decisions to daily operational prowess.

We will assist and guide you in obtaining fundamental information and making core decisions such as:

- Choosing the car wash model you wish to operate, whether full-service, flex-service, express exterior, in-bay automatic, or self-service.

- Adding additional profit centers such as detailing, quick lube, or impulse lobby products.

- Evaluating market identification to determine how your car wash model will be received in the targeted area, including demographic evaluation of population density living within driving distance of the location. Howco uses professional census reporting to study the area effectively.

- Performing site analysis and selection, including feasibility evaluation, traffic and demographic analysis, landlord/ developer relations, easements and restrictions, and zoning compliance. Site selection is one of the most important aspects of car wash business success.

- Car wash equipment selection to fit your property, building and budget.

- Facilitating financial and business plan development that provides insight into and assistance with the process of successfully obtaining financing for your car wash business, including typical lending requirements; cost projections; underwriting requirements for land, building, equipment, and/or business acquisition; necessary preparations for talking with your lender; and actually meeting with you and your lender to explain our projections.




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