2020 Chemical Purchasing

Dec 6, 2019

2020 Master Agreement for 3-Year Chemical Purchasing Commitment

This buy-sell agreement is designed to reward Car Wash Operators for their loyalty to Team Howco and in turn 
for Howco to reward this loyalty. _____________________ and Howco, Inc. have sought a mutually beneficial agreement that ensures promotional considerations in the forms of optimum pricing, discounts, and support services for ___________________ while providing an exclusive 3-year chemical supply agreement for Howco, Inc. Therefore, in consideration of the features listed below, ___________________, its successors and assigns, agrees to enter into a 3-year agreement to exclusively purchase the attached categories of chemicals from Howco. 
As agreed between the parties and in the spirit of Howco’s motto, “Plan, Develop, Operate,” we are pleased to present ________________________and owner, ____________________ with the terms of the Howco Exclusive 3-Year Chemical Supply Program. 

Participation Benefits to Owner: 
- Cost-per-Car Program (under separate cover). 
- Preferred Market Pricing According to Minimum Order, Product
  Mix, and Other Standards
- Growth Rebate Credit Program
- Quarterly Titration, Cost-per-Car, and Productivity Optimization
  Analysis by Territory Manager
- Monthly Reports On Wash Operation and Chemical Usage
- Annual Site Survey by Howco Service Technician Includes
  Dispensing & Application Review
- Menu Development, Site Merchandising, and Profitability
  Analysis by Package
- 90-Day Notice of Price Changes
- Access to Seasonal Promotions

Annual Credit:
$200 Credit Rebate Toward Purchase of Team Logowear with Howco on Sleeve. 
$200 Credit Rebate Toward Purchase of Drum Covers or Cones as Supplied by Chemical Manufacturer

At 3-year Renewal: 
Supply of Howco Selected Arch or Equal Credit for Upgrade of Menu or Arch (excludes installation).

Qualifications For Consideration by Howco: 
- 100% of Customer Chemical Products to be Supplied by Howco
  for a Period of 3 Years. 
- Supply Agreement to Provide 100% of Chemical Products from
  the Howco Portfolio
- 2020 Portfolio:  Ver-Tech, Zep Vehicle Care, and Turtle Wax
- Customer in Good Standing Per Howco General Management
  Credit Review
- Compliance With Terms and Conditions of This 3-year Supply

This Agreement can be terminated by either party with 60-Days written notification. Upon notification, Howco will collect all product on hand at __________________location(s) 
and credit any unused and unopened containers against the account. ____________________ and owner, _____________________ will immediately 
pay any outstanding accounts receivables. ____________________ will forfeit any claims 
to rebates, logowear, or merchandising materials.  

Howco Representative: _________________________________
Date:  _____________
Customer: __________________________________________   
Date: _____________