CUP Membership

Nov 26, 2019

Introducing Howco’s Priority Service Advantage for Our Dedicated Chemical Customers

2020 Chemical User Program (CUP)

The Chemical User Program (CUP) rewards our most dedicated customers of car wash chemicals with club membership 
in the car wash industry’s finest field service program. As a 3-Year Member of the CUP, you will receive these benefits:  

1. Discounted Members-Only Labor Rate of $99.00/Hr
a. A 20% Savings Below Howco’s 2020 Labor Rate of $119.00/Hr
b. A 20% Discount Off Howco’s Published Travel Zone Charges

2. Competitive Chemical Prices
a. Monthly Cost-Per-Car Analysis

3. Howco’s Priority Advantage offering Top-of-the-List Responses for Equipment Service

4. 800# Access to Howco’s On-Call Help Line During the Weekend

5. Free Maintenance Site Survey

6. Preferred Pricing on Howco’s Preventive Maintenance Schedule

7. News on Specials from Vendors, Service Teams, and Manufacturers

8. Discounted After-Hour and Weekend Rates

a. A 20% Member Savings Below Standard Weekday Overtime and Weekend Double Time Rates

Benefits of the CUP
In addition to priority Top-of-the-List response times, you get a better deal too! Your CUP Membership entitles you to a members-only discount on service and repair. Also included is a complimentary walk-through of your carwash. With no obligation, we will schedule a Site Survey to create a list of potential problems and repairs that could be needed.  The Site Survey will provide you with a budget and a scheduling tool to minimize future shutdowns. We will also provide information on a quarterly or monthly scheduled Preventive Maintenance Program.

As a CUP member, you get access to the market’s finest car wash chemical line-up.  Even better…a chemical expert trained to raise your ticket price while lowering your cost-per-car will be assigned to your account. Protecting your investment and maximizing your profitability, these are Howco’s goals.

How to Join 
All you have to do is agree to buy your carwash chemicals from Howco with a 3-year supply agreement.  Howco boasts branded and un-branded car wash chemicals including products like Presoaks, Triple Foams, Waxes, and Protectants to name a few. This members-only program secures your labor and travel discount through 2020.

Contact Howco today at 1-800-633-3914 to sign up!

*The CUP is an annual program established for chemical purchasers dedicated to Howco, Inc.  Program qualifiers are managed at the sole discretion of HOWCO’s General Management.  Pricing for products and services may be revised upon 30 Days notice by Howco.