Howco Introduces Block of Hours (BOH) for Car Wash Operators

Oct 4, 2019

Mountain Top, Pennsylvania

Through its Pennsylvania sales office, Howco, Inc. introduces the concept of a Block of Hours (BOH) for car wash operators. The subscription to a block of hours allows a car wash operator to pre-pay for a fractional share of a technician.

With an understanding that there are approximately 2,000 straight-time hours in a year, many customers cannot afford to hire a full-time technician to service 1 to 10 car washes. Properly outfitted with a truck, tools, insurance, salary, and benefits, expenses can approach $150,000 to keep a technician on the road for a year. One customer stated, “We tried to hire a couple of guys to keep our 3 car washes running. We always seemed to have too many technicians or too few technicians. Every time, we had a breakdown or a major project, we had to hire a couple of uninsured ‘trunk-slammers’ to help out, anyway.”

Who manages the program?

With the purchase or subscription to a Block of Hours, Howco assigns a primary technician to the account. In conjunction with the Howco service dispatching team, the Service Point of Contact works directly with the car wash owner to ensure that service levels meet the customer expectation. 

How do I use my Block of Hours? 

The Howco service point of contact creates a “Virtual Coupon Book” for the customer who can simply consume the hours according to the need. Imagine a coupon or ticket book where you peel off the ticket to pay for a ride at the County Fair. Each hour is a coupon torn from the book. If you need the work to be done in overtime, you peel-off 1.5 tickets. Weekend work? Peel-off 2 tickets per hour. Only unavoidable overnight expenses and spare parts would be billed separately. 

The idea stems from a request by a car wash operator to buy time in advance of the need for service. In his case, the owner-operator had some expense dollars reserved for maintenance at his fiscal yearend. The purchase of a Block of Hours felt like a good way to spend some money today in preparation for the next year’s business. 

Why does this make sense for a car wash owner?

Customer purchasing a Block of 500 Hours is able to get priority service over non-subscribers.

Customer can schedule work to be performed after hours by simply peeling-off 1 ½ or 2 coupons for weekend work from the virtual coupon book.

Customer can avoid the hassle of credit card payment or check-writing to employees on the second shift.

As many car wash service-providers will attest, it is very difficult to manage the “occupancy rate” of technicians.  As the operator said above…”we either had too many or too few.”  

Asset management, training, insurance, and all the hassles of personnel management fall on Howco. 

For more information, call 1-800-633-3914 or your local Howco Sales Manager.