Ver-Tech Labs Tour

Aug 16, 2019

August 16, 2019

This week, a group from Howco traveled to Ver-tech Labs for a plant tour. Located in Rockford, Minnesota, Ver-tech Labs is a family owned chemical business. Over the past year, Ver-tech has become one of Howco’s largest chemical suppliers. With a 70,000+ square foot production facility, Ver-Tech produces car wash chemicals as their main focus.

During our visit, we toured their office, laboratories, production floor, and warehouse. Throughout the tour, Ver-tech exhibited a high level of understanding around quality assurance processes that were well documented and followed. In the lab, they demonstrated world class testing methods and procedures. The lead chemist explained the process of testing and approving every lot produced which gave us a high confidence level of the quality and consistency of their product. From the front office to the loading docks, all areas were clean and organized.  

During our discussions, we discussed testing of new products and improvements to existing products. Ver-tech has recently introduced a new quick connect system to improve safety and ease of changing-out containers of chemicals. Upon our departure, all participants in the visit commented on how impressed they were with the tour and the openness of the Ver-tech staff to partner with us to be successful.

Chuck Ritchie
Procurement Manager