Whatta Wash Car Wash, Greer, SC

Mar 28, 2022




by David Martin, Equipment Sales Manager-Southeast, Howco Inc. 


All construction projects experience glitches somewhere along the way from inception to completion. Howco’s job is to help keep those to a minimum via proper planning, communications, and project execution.  

 Sometimes Howco is called upon to help bring “problem projects” to fruition after they’re underway and encounter issues that prompt the owner to make changes and possibly regroup with new players to get back on track. That was the case with Whatta Wash in Greer, SC. 

 This wash’s construction project was experiencing delays due to faulty underground piping and electrical issues, exacerbated by uncontrollable weather events. 

 Howco team members stepped up to assist the car wash owner during contractor and subcontractor transitions. We always work closely with the various subcontractors on any project, and due to required revisions to work performed to date on this particular one, the Howco team offered many hours of guidance to help right the ship. 

 Facing a challenging construction situation on multiple fronts, Howco both advised and at times served as the project superintendent. This included lending direction on a daily basis to electricians, plumbers, and other subcontractors that were new to the project as well as the car wash industry, helping them navigate the construction drawings and unfamiliar industry-specific aspects of the build and ensure a successful outcome. 

 The completed wash opened in November 2019 with a 120-foot tunnel featuring a Coleman Hanna equipment package; it also incorporates a Sonny’s OMNI™ high-pressure arch, a Motor City Dry N Shine™, Aerodry blowers, an AutoVac vacuum system, and DRB pay stations. 

At Howco, our job is to produce the best car washes possible on time and on budget for our customers. This project presented an inspiring teamwork opportunity to reinforce our mission by helping a struggling project ultimately turn out beautifully and start washing cars as soon as possible.