Take Control with Innovative TRUE-VUE Chemical Management System

Jan 14, 2022 -- Posted by : Ted

by Dave Anderson, Chemical Sales Manager, Howco Inc.

What excites me most about the car wash industry are the continual equipment and chemical innovations and improvements that make car washing a better  process for both the operator and the washes’ customers. TRUE-VUE, a compact chemical management system that constantly monitors and maximizes your chemical operations, is a notable example of advancement in both those areas. TRUE-VUE is a management tool that allows car wash operators to see their chemical usage, supply, and cost in real time, allowing monitoring from any web-connected device. The system uses high-quality analytics hardware and sonar sensors to deliver accurate and reliable readings.

This tool can be shared with employees as well as distributors such as Howco. It will also notify the designated supervisors when the chemical application needs to be adjusted for more or less product. This is a great tool that helps us serve our customers because we can be proactive in meeting their needs.

Also notably, the TRUE-VUE 2.5-gallon product containers, made of durable but recyclable plastic, are smaller and lighter than other options, so they’re easier to handle -- no heavy drums to deal with. This also saves on shipping costs.
Howco offers the TRUE-VUE Standard Model, which comes with 10- and 20-gallon reservoirs, choice of rack system, stingers, and installation; and the TRUE-VUE Deluxe Model, which also includes sensors, monitoring hardware, cables, and access, set up and training on the portal.

The TRUE-VUE 10- and 20-gallon reservoirs feature:

* Visible volume-scale markings.
* Snap-and-seal lids to help prevent contamination.
* Drop-and-go chemical refilling process.
* Color-coding system for ease of use.
* High-quality, durable HDPE plastics.
* A compact space-saving system.
* Optional chemical monitoring hardware and software.

The TRUE-VUE system uses the power of hyper-concentrated chemicals to maximize the number of cars each 2.5-gallon container can clean. These products are designed to wash more cars; just one of these containers can clean up to 2,300 cars while reducing time spent refilling reservoirs. Safety seals on the containers allow for safe and easy chemical reloading, and the compact containers stack easily, helping organize and maximize your back-room space.

TRUE-VUE interactive visualization charts provide vital insights at a glance, allowing operators to:

* Monitor up to 22 tanks per location.
* View current and historical data for:
   * Average usage per car.
   * Average cost per car.
   * Chemical cost per period.
   * Wash counts.
* Capture actual versus expected daily usage and costs.
* Export data into usable formats and reports.

The superior monitoring hardware delivers information you can trust, offering:

* Durable and easy-to-calibrate sensors.
* Easy integration with the TRUE-VUE Chemical System.
* Sonar sensors provide accurate readings.
* Quick and clean installation.
* User-friendly interface.

Real-time automated email alerts and notifications for one or multiple sites can include:

* Low tank levels.
* Over-filled tanks.
* Unexpected usage patterns and anomalies.
* When product is added to a tank.
* Alerting your staff.
* Reports for each location.
* Web access from any device.

We all know that water and chemistry are the lifeblood of every car wash, and that a reliable chemical management system is imperative. Howco vetted and experimented with TRUE-VUE for approximately 18 months, and I can say without a doubt it is one of the best innovations to come to the car wash chemical application process in years. Moreover, every customer we have introduced to the system is now using it or soon will be. It's fantastic.

Contact your Howco representative to take control of chemical management anywhere, anytime with the TRUE-VUE system.