Preventive Maintenance Plans Ensure Equipment Optimization

Dec 16, 2021 -- Posted by : Ted

by Tim Fitzpatrick, Mid-Atlantic Sales Manager, Howco Inc.

After more than two decades in the car wash industry, I can confidently endorse preventive maintenance plans as one of our most important and valuable offerings at Howco. Temporary car wash shutdowns resulting from equipment issues are frustrating, financially detrimental, and often preventable occurrences.

Preventive maintenance plans give operators peace of mind via regularly scheduled visits by our service team to inspect equipment and detect and repair any maintenance issues that could cause critical downtime for the car wash.

Car wash equipment, like any other machinery, requires maintenance to continue to wash cars and do so efficiently. This is best achieved by having regular equipment inspections by qualified and experienced professionals to troubleshoot, fine tune, and address any obvious or potential equipment issues. Most equipment problems can be fixed and components replaced during the visit, as our crews keep an impressive array of parts on their service trucks.

One of our wash customers in Virginia has experienced less than an hour of downtime in their first year of operations because of their preventive maintenance plan. That is an outstanding performance record.

Howco offers several options that can be customized based on the equipment package and volume of the car wash, and I highly recommend each of our customers engage a preventive maintenance plan from day one to reduce downtime and increase equipment lifespan. Connect with your Howco customer representative to discuss our preventive plan options and optimize your wash operation.