Improve Wash Quality, Increase Revenue, and Enjoy Fast ROI with Chemical Bundle Packages

Feb 21, 2022 -- Posted by : Ted

by Dave Anderson, Chemical Sales Manager, Howco Inc.

Chemical bundle packages for your professional car wash combine the product, equipment, and signage to apply chemistry to customers’ cars while providing consumer education, branding, and marketing for your wash offerings. Howco offers customers a variety of chemical bundle packages that have proven quite advantageous for improving wash quality and providing operators new revenue streams with a short payback period of just 3-6 months.

Beneficial approaches some of our current customers use include:

1) Operators who don’t wish to change their wash menu offerings add a la carte options.
2) Operators increase the price of their premium offering or “top package” car wash.

The operator needs to determine whether they are trying to attract customers to the top package or offer the upgrade to every customer. We’ve seen both of these strategies work, but for new operators, we usually recommend building a new top package to entice customers to the premium option. Additionally, offering a la carte options can gain revenue from bargain shoppers and allow them to see the value of these products.

With our industry exploding with new car wash locations, operators need to keep their facilities up to date with the latest trends, because most of the competition is certainly doing so.

Depending on the type of investment and products used (ceramic or lava bath), the return on investment (ROI) can range from $7,600 to $12,800 on an investment of just $5,800 to $7,995. One customer, for example, added a ceramic product to his top wash package, raised the price by $5, and increased revenue by $9,600 in the first month!

Two of our most popular bundle packages are:

1) Penta arch with wrapped signage, pump station, K-nozzles or rain lava applicators, and one container of product - $5,800
2) Fully wrapped arch with signage, pump station, K-nozzles or rain lava applicators, and two lollypop signs, and one container of product - $7,995

Installation, time, and materials are additional.

Our Howco chemical bundle packages offer operators a strategy to improve their wash on a budget, with an excellent ROI, better wash results, and happier customers. Contact your Howco representative today to discuss options for your operation.