COVID-19 Safety Precautions

Jun 11, 2021 -- Posted by : Ted

To protect our valued customers and team members, Howco has implemented intentional safety measures in response to COVID-19. Our team members follow these protocols when interacting with Howco customers and each other:

Masks are worn at all times when near and/or interacting with others in the same space, both indoors and outdoors.
* We observe a minimum six feet of physical distance between persons.
* There is no physical contact between persons, e.g., shaking hands.
* When possible and appropriate, we utilize alternate methods of communication rather than in-person meetings, including audio and video phone calls and web conferencing.
* Any team member exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, or who has recent confirmed exposure to the coronavirus via infected person, will quarantine based on current Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines to ensure we do our part in stopping the spread of COVID-19.
* We continue to closely monitor and follow additional recommendations from the CDC.
* Service team members wash their hands with soap and water or utilize hand sanitizer before and after calls.
* At the end of calls, service team members disinfect any touched surfaces that may later be touched by the car wash operators/employees.