Caliber Car Wash, Fort Walton Beach, FL

Jan 31, 2022 -- Posted by : Ted

by David Martin, Equipment Sales Manager-Southeast, Howco Inc.

Relationships offer opportunities, and delivering on promises allows those opportunities to flourish. Truly listening, understanding, and responding to customers’ needs is the absolute best formula to develop trust and nurture those rewarding relationships.

As preparation was underway for the launch of a Caliber Car Wash location in Fort Walton, Florida, Howco earned the opportunity to compare its equipment, chemical, and service offerings and pricing for the new wash to an already planned package. This opportunity sprang from a prior positive working relationship between a Howco representative and the Caliber operator. After many hours of in-person collaboration, Howco was able to match the wash’s product and component needs and meet their budget.

“Our partnership with Howco emerged from needs we had as we expanded and scaled,” explained Tyler Mooney, Vice President of Operations for Caliber Car Wash. “Caliber is growing at a rapid rate, and due to the vast experience and knowledge of our team, we largely know what we want and how we want it when developing a new car wash.

“Howco came to us and asked the right questions about our process and took our answers seriously and professionally, and the conversations jelled beautifully. The projects with Howco grew from there, and we are extremely satisfied with their customer service. What it boils down to is that with Howco, we get the communication, response, and attention we desire,” Mooney concluded.

Howco produced the Fort Walton Caliber Car Wash featuring a 120-foot express tunnel with PECO® Car Wash Systems equipment, Ver-tech chemicals, AutoVac vacuum systems, and Sonny’s pay stations. It opened July 4th weekend of 2020 and is experiencing continued success.

Thanks to the customer’s satisfaction with and confidence in Howco’s planning, equipment, and service, we’ve completed four more Caliber washes, with each of them using the same equipment package as the Fort Walton location. Howco continues to work with Caliber in the planning and development process for numerous additional wash locations, with the goal of helping them build more washes and wash more cars for years to come.