For over 50 years, Howco, Inc. has had two goals in mind: 

  • Simplify the investment process for car wash investors by offering turnkey solutions.
  • Develop great people who can maximize the profitability of all car wash operators. 

For the new investor, dozens of Howco professionals have been trained in the trademarked method of “Plan, Develop, Operate.”  By simplifying the investment process and developing a hands-on approach to car wash operations, Howco stands ready to engineer a modern, customer-friendly, and productive car wash facility for the new investor.  

For the veteran car wash operator, Howco is based in Charlotte, NC, with sales, service, and warehouse locations from Pennsylvania to Florida.  At over 90,000 square feet, Howco boasts one of the best-stocked logistics centers in the industry allowing our World Class supply chain to provide car wash chemicals, parts, and supplies to you…when you need them.

Having equipped and serviced thousands of car washes, we are uniquely qualified to assist car wash operators with the challenges of marketing, logistics, and field service.   

Car Wash designs installed by Howco include: 

  • Express Car Washes with Pay Stations and Free Vacuums
  • In-Bay Automatic Systems
  • Full-Service Conveyorized Tunnels
  • Self-Service Equipment Unattended or Gated
  • Flex Designs combining the best of all car wash worlds

The Howco “Plan, Build, Operate” process removes the unknowns that may concern many car wash investors. With references from car wash operators across the country, Howco is the market leader in car wash consulting services.  

We assist with the following services: 

  • Market Identification and Feasibility Studies
  • Site Selection Tools and Car Wash Site Plans
  • Budgeting and Business Model Development
  • Permitting and Zoning Consultation
  • Financing, Lending, and Lease-holding Expertise
  • Car Wash Architecture, Contractor, and Engineering Engagement Experience
  • Project Management Services
  • Equipment Specification
  • Chemical Application Advice
  • Car Wash Distributor of Supplies and Parts
  • Hiring and Training Skills Development
  • Marketing, Pricing, and Branding Resources
  • Field Technician Service for Emergency Repair, Maintenance, and Installation 

Our consultants are industry experts in the design and specification of equipment.  Howco has particular expertise in the areas of reclaim water systems and rainwater harvest programs.   Our creative solutions in traffic flow, data management, and the customer interface through the pay station are envied throughout the industry.  

We are leaders in providing customized training resources, recruiting tools, and marketing materials to optimize employee engagement with the customer.  You are not alone at any point during the “Plan, Build, Operate” process!  

In addition to General Professional Car Washing, Howco has projects currently underway in the following Market Segments for Vehicle Washes: 

  • Tunnel Car Washes- Drive Thru or Conveyorized
  • Auto Dealers- Auto Wash Equipment
  • Convenience Stores
  • Gas Station Locations
  • Lube Centers 
  • Truck Washes
  • Specialty Applications
    • Bus Washes
    • Military Vehicle Washes
    • Construction and Heavy Equipment Washes 
  • Car Rental and Fleet Washes
  • Apartment Splash and Dashes, Pay Vacuums, and Pet Washes